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South Wales BMW and Mini Gearbox Specialist

At DragonAuto.Works we pride ourselves on our experience at solving BMW & Mini transmission problems.

If you suspect the worst and your transmission is playing up, get in touch and let us reassure you.


Automatic Gearboxes

No problem too big or too small

Dragon Automotive specialise in Automatic transmissions fitted to BMW & Maserati vehicles.

From diagnosing the gearbox problem to rebuilding a ZF or GM gearbox, we have the in-house skills and equipment to help.

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Manual Gearboxes

Getting those gears at peak performance

We can supply and fit a wide range of Manual Transmissions. Whilst we don't rebuild them in-house we have expertise in sourcing excellent recon units for your car that also suit your pocket.

Typical in-house repairs include gearboxes linkages, gearbox oil changes etc

Repair Versus Replace

When a gearbox fails, there are three options; Repair, Replace or Dispose. We can help you with the first two!

Repair will involve stripping down your transmission and repairing all broken or out of tolerance components.
Replacement will involve installing a reconditioned donor gearbox to your vehicle, your original transmission unit is usually kept in exchange to lower the cost.

BMW Gearbox Repair

Gearbox Rebuilding

To repair your transmission, it'll be rebuilt.

This is more time consuming than simply putting a reconditioned donor unit in as it involves complete strip down and rebuild. This is sometimes outsourced which can affect lead times. There are definitely time and cost implications to this option.

However you are getting a gearbox that is effectively brand new at the end of the process. If you want to go the whole hog you can install some upgrades in the process as well.


Gearbox Replacement

Donor Transmission Installation

To replace your gearbox we will be removing your old one and installing an alternative unit. The replacement transmission is usually exactly that, a donor unit. The gearbox is classed as reconditioned because it will have been checked to a certain standard and new fluid, seals and filter installed and set up.

However you are getting a transmission that is effectively a used donor gearbox from another car. All our replacement units come with a mileage guarantee and a warranty.


Economic Viability

The Elephant in the Room!

Sometimes there is a fault on a vehicle that is in reality rather catastrophic. Unfixable doesn't really exist with cars, there is always a repair.

However there are occasions where the cost of the repair(s) required may actually exceed the value of the car. We call this economic viability which is a polite way of saying that really we don't consider your car to be worth spending the money repairing.

This is sad for us to say but please don't be offended if we're blunt with you on the subject, we've got your best interests at heart and don't want to take your hard earned money unfairly.

Dragon Transmission Works

Things to Consider

What is your car's current book value? Realistically it is necessary to consider economic viability

How much longer are you intending to keep the car? Is it you that will be getting the benefit of the repairs?

Are there other faults with the car causing problems? Are you going to have further problems of another sort when works are completed?

If you invest the money rebuilding the gearbox, will you regret it?

Only you can answer these questions. Think it through before deciding what you would like us to do to the car.

What's the Cost?

Transmission repairs tend to start from £1000 for a minor issue.

It all depends what gearbox your car has as the labour required between model variants can make a big difference. Similarly the parts costings can be significantly different. Anything performance or specialist will have a greater price tag.

Supply and installation of a donor gearbox is rarely available for less than £1500, full blown rebuilds are often in the region of £1950.

Once we have assessed your vehicle we will provide you with a written estimate for approval.

Quality First

  • We don't offer a timed service & we can't always give you a guaranteed completion date
  • This is because we focus on quality, not speed. We will not compromise our high standards
  • We appreciate that there needs to be a balance and we will be as efficient as we can
  • Don't forget we have a shared goal of getting your car back on the road
  • If we say that the job is in progress please be patient & know that we're on the case
  • We guarantee that our workmanship is of the highest standard. We're not quick, we're thorough
  • Your car is in the hands of experienced technicians who take the time needed for quality
  • We have a small fleet of courtesy cars available, just ask if this would help
  • The average timescale is from one week to four weeks but delays can occur, we'll keep you posted
  • There are plenty of express fast fit transmission services, perfect if you like gambling.