Has your car lost it's mojo?

Loss of power usually indicates a developing fault
Dragon Automotive can help


Diagnosing the problem

As with all faults correct diagnosis is key to a successful repair. With power loss, there are lots of potential causes so a logical guided test plan is essential to prevent mis-diagnosis. Our specialist experienced diagnostic technicians are just perfect for the job.


BMW & Mini Sluggish Performance

Sluggish pull off, grumpy or lazy performance is without a doubt a symptom of a developing fault. Whether you have a warning on the dash yet or not, it would be wise to get the car checked out as it may prevent a failure that could be avoided.


BMW & Mini Loss of Boost

Loss of turbo boost may indicate an actuator issue or simply a leaking pipe. Don't ignore it, the result will only cost more, address it head on at the first sign of a loss of boost regardless of whether a warning has illuminated.


BMW & Mini Loss of Power

Trust your gut instinct, if you think your car has lost power it most likely has.
A little checkup at Dragon Automotive will put your mind at rest and prevent anything minor developing into something major!